Available on Steam for €2,99!
Stout Games is working on a new title: Cheongsam. More shall be revealed about this in due time.

Dinner Date is available for €2.99 through the Steam store.
A new update to Dinner Date
Presently, „Dinner Date” has been updated to a new version. This version adds five new languages:
An update to the Dinner Date
Just now „Dinner Date” has been updated to a new version. This version adds the Italian language option and, as may be of further interest to those acquainted with the game, expands the way the game is played a little bit.
Steam, GamersGate and an interview
There is quite a large interview now available on Thanks for Playing - for those interested in the thoughts behind „Dinner Date” as well as general philosophy of Stout Games, it may very well be worth taking a look.
Dinner Date” - a Valentine gone by
The day after Valentine’s the special had to end - wishing much joy to those who took advantage of the Valentine’s Day special to obtain two „Dinner Date”'s for the price of one - and happy listening to the Original Soundtrack. „Dinner Date”, albeit a single copy, is still available for €4.95.
Dinner Date” and a Lonely Valentine
Stout Games is happy to announce that in the spirit of Valentine’s day it offers a two-for-one deal on „Dinner Date” (that is 2 copies for €4.95) - and, furthermore: the long-awaited soundtrack is finally available!
Dinner Date” at the GDC
Stout Games is happy to announce that after its Independent Game Festival Nuovo award nomination, „Dinner Date” is set to appear at the IGF pavilion coming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
Dinner Date” nominated for the IGF Nuovo Award
The happy news is out that along with seven other candidates, „Dinner Date” has been nominated for the Independent Game Festival Nuovo award.
A dance of Snowflakes: Christmas Gifts
As the cold sets in and festivities come close, Stout Game announces its special Christmas celebration!

In the spirit of sharing, Stout Games will give every person who purchases „Dinner Date” a free additional copy on December 23rd: to put under the tree for a lucky recipient!
Reviews & Insights
Dinner Date” has been met with some interesting reviews, amoungst which Rock, Paper, Shotgun, TK-Nation, ynet, Techolive and others forthcoming. We will take a moment to look at how Dinner Date has been received.
Become the Subconsciousness of Julian Luxemburg
Stout Games is proud to announce the release of „Dinner Date”.

Those who have pre-ordered may have already been casting anticipatory glances at release countdown but their wait is far from over! Make no mistake, you can now download the game - and yet the true awaiting glances at the clock will continue in waiting with Julian for his elusive date.
Tasting the soup: Interviews, Previews, Reviews
Stout Games’ „Dinner Date” has received media attention in the form of two interviews, a preview and a first review.
Join Julian in his Wait - Pre-Purchase available
„Dinner Date”, Stout Games’ début drama, is now available for pre-purchase!

Released today, the pre-purchase allows you to purchase the game for $9.95 - saving $2.50 off the release price and allowing you to download the game as soon as it is available, November 17th, 5.15pm gmt.

Stout games is not forgetting those coming in pairs - also available is ‘Dinner for Two’
Join Julian in his Wait - Pre-Purchase in a Week
„Dinner Date” has been met with speculation on its uncommon theme.

In an interview between NPR and Stout Games founder Jeroen D. Stout the connection between the player and Julian Luxemburg is noted, leading NPR to cite: „Perhaps the premise of Dinner Date is a bit misleading. The player is told that Julian is being stood up—but that doesn’t mean that he’s alone.”
Dinner Date Trailer now Live
A first impression of Stout Games' „Dinner Date”: the announcement trailer is now available!

In this trailer you will catch a first glimpse of the troubles of Julian Luxemburg as he is stood up by his elusive date - and of your unique role as his subconsciousness.
Dinner Date Announced
Stout Game is proud to announce its début title „Dinner Date” for a November release.

You play as the subconsciousness of Julian Luxemburg, waiting for his date to arrive. You listen in on his thoughts while tapping the table, looking at the clock and eventually reluctantly starting to eat...