out mes is dedicated to bringing you well-crafted, pioneering games.
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Contact—Stout Games will be happy to hear from you!
Press—If you are interested in doing a review of „Dinner Date” or in doing an interview on the design process of „Cheongsam” and future titles.
Students & Developers—If you are a student or developer and are interested in the themes, design, ethics and aesthetics that Stout Games advocates, your getting in touch will be highly valued.
Support—If you have problems with any of Stout Games’ products, please do let know.
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Behind Stout Games
Stout Games has been created by Jeroen D. Stout with the express purpose of creating high-quality innovative games.

Jeroen D. Stout holds a MA and a MSc from the Utrecht School of Arts and the University of Portsmouth. A small collection of essays may be found online and his personal twitter account is @jeroendstout.

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